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If you have any energy left after fishing to your heart's content, discovering yet another spectacular beach, snorkeling, boating, taking a nap in the hammock or meeting the neighbors for a beer at the local pub, there are a few more things you might want to check out...

Andromar blue hole inland

South Andros is world famous for its fascinating and lovely "blue holes." You can hike around them, swim in their cool waters, dive to explore underwater caves and shipwrecks, or just enjoy gazing at their brilliant colors. Above is a famous inland blue hole surrounded by a nature trail; below is a new blue hole that opened up near the shore of the beach.

Andromar blue hole on beach

If ruins fascinate you, there are plenty of old limestone churches, piers, settlements and cemetaries to rediscover.

Andromar old church ruins

The big event every Tuesday morning is the arrival of The Captain Moxie mail boat, bringing everything from cars to cornmeal to sacks of cement, and returning to Nassau Wednesday loaded with crab and conch. Food vendors line the dock offering delicious home cooked local dishes like sweet potato bread, fried snapper and chicken souse.

Captain Moxie

And there's always the library if you need something to keep you company in that hammock...

Andromar library