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Andros is by far the biggest island in the Bahamas in land mass, but sparsely populated, which has kept it wonderfully unspoiled and natural. Andros is divided by water into 3 sections with separate airports: Andromar is on South Andros, served by Congotown International Airport. Unlike many island locations, South Andros is spectacularly easy to get to: there are two regularly scheduled commercial round trip flights per day, seven days a week, to/from Nassau on Western Air, about a 10 minute flight each way. You have the choice of staying at one of South Andros' hotel lodges or staying at a Nassau resort and making a pleasant day trip to South Andros to see the property, fish and swim in the blue holes. Once you have a home at Andromar, it's to visit Nassau for shopping, golf, or special events.

South Andros Map

It's also easy to fly your own plane or get a charter to Congotown from the U.S., typically from Miami/Fort Lauderdale, which is a 30-90 minute flight depending on the type of plane. If you're flying from Florida, you'll pass over the spectacular giant blue holes of the wild, uninhabited western side of Andros.

Western Andros

At Congotown International Airport you'll have made arrangements to be met by Lenglo Rental Car, or Rowena's taxi.

Congotown Airport
photo by Jeff Hipon

Remember to drive on the left side of the road in the Bahamas. Leaving the airport, turn right towards Deep Creek, and keep going about 15 miles until you reach Andromar. There is just one main road stretching about 25 miles up and down the length of the island, the Queen's Highway, so one can't really get lost.

South Andros road sign

Useful numbers:

Western Air, (242) 377-2222,

Lenglo Rental Car, (242) 357-2531,