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Getting Here

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and much beloved home at Andromar. Sadly, that burned down in 2013. Our family has past the stage of life for rebuilding, and that's why the property is available for you to buy now, and create your own dream come true.

Let's describe our land starting at the front gate: located on the quiet Queen's Highway, about half a mile past the Deep Creek Bridge, is Andromar's front gate and a large, two-room pump house and workshop that houses the pressure tank for the well, and lots of storage space.

You can get a clear picture of the quiet road, gate, shed, and schoolhouse in this video (click "back" when you've finished watching):

Andromar front entrance

Hear how peaceful it is?

Andromar has a long, sand driveway lined with palm trees through the 1.5 acres stretching from the Queen's Highway to the ocean. The park-like property has lawns, native trees and flowers, and a parking area about half way down the drive.

Andromar Driveway

Take a walk down the driveway in this video (click "back" when you're finished). Note the two home sites: one about halfway down the drive, and the other at the beach.

Walk down Andromar's driveway

See all those fantastic coconut palms? and notice how the breeze picks up near the ocean?

At the end of the drive are two homesites: ours is the larger one on the left. Our neighbors, a young family who live in Chicago, own a "postage stamp" lot (about 4,000 sf) on the corner of our land, with access rights down the driveway. Their home burned as well, and they are rebuilding.

Under the palms near the beach is a limestone rock barbeque pit and a trestle picnic table. Here's a video of that area:

Andromar picnic area

You can get a feel for how beautiful and park-like the land is. Gather a few dry coconuts, light up the grill, and make your own happy memories.